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A Father & Son Team

The team consists of myself, who has been a builder for over 45 years and my son who is a product designer with a degree. Owners Kevin & Keith Lawley.

The TEMPHEAT Concept

The concept is when there is a call about from a householder you can arrive with your TEMPHEAT in hand and if you cannot fix their boiler on the spot then you can offer to supply and fit two or four of the three way valves that can be purchased separately and then connect your TEMPHEAT to the new valve’s plug the unit into a domestic electrical supply and then you arrange a hire cost for while the unit is working to keep their system running.

If the system you are working on has a boiler integrated pump or the existing pump is pushing the water around the system too fast for the TEMPHEAT unit there is a fifth flexy hose with a built in pump that runs at a optimum rate for the unit to most efficiently heat the heating system.


Are you an emergency plumber? Have you ever gone to that boiler job and couldn’t get the parts on the same day? Have you ever felt guilty leaving a family with no hot water and central heating? Well then maybe you need TEMPHEAT! Fix every problem in an hour or less.

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Observations & Test Results

  • 1.

    In the UK there are 24 million homes, most with a water based heating system.

  • 2.

    According to published information from British Gas, 1 in 3 new boilers break down in the first 6 years.

  • 3.

    So on the facts from items 1 and 2, it can be calculated that 8 million homes have problems with their boilers every year.

  • 4.

    There is no way of telling how many of these 8 million boilers can be fixed on the day of the breakdown.

  • 5.

    These days more and more retailers don’t stock parts for boilers, which causes delays.

  • 6.

    More tradesmen these days order from the internet, which can take three days or more for parts to arrive.

  • 7.

    The unit is called TEMPHEAT lmx (lmx stands for London/Middlesex).

  • 8.

    The unit operates on a household power supply (240v) though a 13a plug and consumes 3kw when running at full power (but turns itself off at 60c).

  • 9.

    The units empty weight is 6.4 kg, and full is 46/47 kg.

  • 10.

    While testing the hot water, it took 35 minutes to heat 40lt of water to 54c.

  • 11.

    Therefore assume to have 60lt of water for a shower, then you will get on the assumption that while running the 40lt of hot water it mixers with less than 50/50 and 20 minute shower at 37c.

* The above are based on facts from 2016